The Bluest Eye

1. Morrison personifies winter when using it to describe certain attributes that Mr.MacTeer posseses. For example in the text she describes his face saying  “his skin takes on a pale, cheerless yellow of winter sun” . she also uses the metaphor ” his high forehead is the frozen sweep of the erie, hiding currents of gelid thoughts that eddy in the darkness”. his forehead isnt really frozen or the erie for that matter but it compares  to it.

2.pecola is cornered and ridiculed by the group of boys. she crys and does not stand up for herself, she feels helpless. This happens a lot in common bullying, people are called names and are too afraid to fight back/stand up for them selves.

3. Maureen is everything the girls feel they arent and has everything they lack. She is upper class compared to the other kids and its obvious she has money.She also has confidence.Lots of the kids AND grownups look up to her. Maureen started out trying to be friendly with Pecola but soon changed her approach and began asking questions leading to what she was really curious about, pecola’s father.

4.Claudia and Freida were always content with themselves. Until they met “perfect” maureen. Then they begin questioning their self worth. They always felt so good about themselves but they notice how people treat maureen and they wonder if they are good enough.

5. When the MacTeer sisters meet the prostitues they stay away and avoid going near them. This shows that they listen to everything that their mother told them about the ladies.

6.Geraldine is the mother of junior. One of the boys that bothered Pecola. She values her cat above everyone including her son.She is percieved by others to be a perfect person. She rarely loves anything so to love the cat the way she does means she finds something speacial aboout it.

7.She gives junior everything he needs without showing affection towards him.  Her son realizes that the cat gets treated better and begins to hate it. Expressing his hatred for it. The way Geraldine treats junior may be the reason why he is mean and cold towards pecola. He takes out his anger on others because he does not feel loved.

8. Junior previously in the book ridiculed pecola, later her acts like he wants to be friends with her so he can trick her into going into his house.Juniors mother treats pecola like shes trash. yelling at her and calling her names. Like in so many other situations pecola doesnt stick up for herself. and this only leaves her worse off.

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