Obama Quiz

The first quote that stood out to me and gave me a greater understanding of this book is “When the evening is over they’ll both remark on how intelligent the young man seems, so dignified,with the measured gestures, the graceful draping of one leg over another-and how about that accent! but would they let their daughter marry one?” Obama here describes how great a man his father appears to his mothers parents, yet he still is doubtful as to whether or not he will be accepted. Also when he doesn’t refer to his father as a man in the last sentence but almost as an object “marry one”. This to me shows that he is aware of the fact that his father is different from anything his mothers parents would usually accept, almost as if he falls into another category of human.

Later on in this novel as I was reading I stumbled upon this quote “You best talk to your daughter, Mr. Dunham white girls don’t play with coloreds in this town.”. Obama’s grand parents tried so hard to be accepting to other races, they even called to complain about other kids bullying the colored, and that was the response they got. you would think they were oblivious to the whole white’s and colored seperation “rule.” This makes me wonder if they were really oblivious or in denial because it seems as if even Obama himself understood the racism so why couldn’t they see it? This quote helps me understand both the ignorance of the white racists and the white’s who thought themselves not to be racist.

Lastly during my reading of this book this particular quote helped me to understand  the book better “Better to be strong. If you can’t be strong be clever and make peace with someone who’s strong. but always better to be strong. Always.” This was a quote from the first father like figure Obama ever had, this explains certain parts of Obama’s upbringing and almost gives excuses as to why he did some of the things he did. This piece of advice from his step father most likely contributed to how Obama turned out as an adult, a strong leader.

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